We Only Use Warm Winter Wetsuits

Coasteering with Alder Wetsuits


I’m not sure if you know this but the water around Ireland, or specifically around Portrush and the Giants Causeway, is described as temperate... which doesn’t sound too bad, but to you and I that means it’s far too cold to enjoy for any sustained period without a wetsuit. It’s probably worth knowing that when we mention a sustained period, we aren’t talking about 20mins or even an hour. We want our customers to be coasteering in comfort, flexible and most critically toasty WARM for 2 or 3 hours in the North Atlantic.


This’ a priority of ours. If you aren’t comfortable and warm whilst coasteering you won’t be able to enjoy the experience properly, and that’s not a winning formula. With that in mind, we buy the more expensive full winter 5mm wetsuits as we don’t want to shortchange you, our customers. Many folk coming to us for coasteering will never have worn a wetsuit before or if they have will still not know the difference between a quality winter suit and a cheap summer wetsuit...until they’ve tried both! We are determined that they will only experience quality and warmth while they are with us!


From the commencement of our coasteering business, we have been supplied by Alder Wetsuits. We have had many options for changing supplier over the years but we have stayed with Alder for a number of reasons;

  1. Our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers are surprised by the warmth and comfort of the wetsuits while in the water.

  2. We have a great local agent who is always keen to assist

  3. Alder are great value for the quality

  4. We believe a UK wetsuit company understand our chilly waters better than a fancy Australian or Californian brand

  5. We have no reason to change

For those significant reasons we look forward to many good years of coasteering, surfing and bodyboarding in partnership with Alder wetsuits.

Matt Wright bodyboarding, Irish West Coast Apr '13

Matt Wright bodyboarding, Irish West Coast Apr '13