50th Birthday Party

Maureen Cummins, the excited birthday girl 🙂

Awesome and more!! Having experienced a tame version of  coaststeering outside of NI decided that  it would be a great way to celebrate my fiftieth. The stakes however were raised in the North Coast version, it was just a bit more adventurous! So on a cold and wet September morn, we braved the sea, and Matt braved us! In winter wetsuits to keep us warm we were given a morning to remember. Even those with trepidations were soon inspired by the confidence of our instructor and we were eager to reach new heights.  The whirlpools gave a new dimension which we had not bargained for. It was just an unforgettable and fantastic experience!! Good craic,  good company and hey, what better way to celebrate half a century. Beats a glass of champagne any day and we didn't even notice the rain:)