About Causeway Coasteering

Coasteering is raw adrenaline; cliff jumping, bouldering, climbing, belly flopping, rough treatment by waves, clambering and using our rugged coastline as an adventure playground. However, coasteering is much more than that. For many the opportunity to uniquely experience our beautiful shallow coastal caves, hidden coves and little islands around our breathtakingly, rugged coastline is the highlight of their coasteering adventure. Naturally, our trained local guides ensure you get the very most out of your time, safely.

Body Boarding but not as you know it!

Most tourists visiting the beach have a bodyboard or two thrown into the car and usually flap around in the white water or try to jump into passing waves. This is normally some degree of fun. However, bodyboarding is fundamentally misunderstood and is so much more than this child’s play.

Shambles “A day in the life” from Peter Martin on Vimeo

We have been bodyboarding for over 20yrs on the Causeway Coast and worldwide and testify that Irish surf spots and Irish bodyboarders are demanding the attention of the global surfing world.

Meet the Team

How has Causeway Coasteering come together?

You won’t be long in ascertaining that we love the Causeway Coast, we’re passionate about all that is has to offer, it’s people and it’s wildlife. We consider ourselves blessed to live in such a special, exhilirating area filled with beautiful sights, legends and character.

Spend a little time with us and it’ll soon become clear that we are as comfortable and happy in the sea as we are on dry land. We’ve been surfing, bodyboarding, coasteering and otherwise getting intimate with the Causeway Coast right through childhood, even more so the awkward years and thankfully right up to present.

Some years ago, during the beginning of worldwide recession we realised that we could share our passion for this coast, coasteering and bodyboarding with others. It took a couple of years to get organised, but we couldn’t help ourselves launching IrishC despite the constant negative news reports of financial melt down. We worked night and day to get the embryonic business afloat, the fact that our new customers enthusiasm for our coasteering product was so profound certainly helped keep us moving forward despite the challenges. Over the next few years IrishC grew in influence and exposure, customer enthusiasm matching ours and driving us forward.

Last year we asked our customer for feedback and interestingly, quite a number of suggested that the name, IrishC didn’t communicate who we were and what we offered strongly enough. The point was taken and we believe that through the brand Causeway Coasteering we will continue delivering a fantastic coasteering product but an even stronger brand.

Personalities to keep an eye out for!

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