‘honestly couldn’t praise Causeway Coasteering enough’

Chris Muir, best man for his bro

I booked with IrishC/Causeway Coasteering for a bit of a different activity for my brother’s stag. I was informed by Matt that organising a stag can be like “herding cats”, he was right. However he was also very accommodating, helping with numerous queries, skill levels within the group and last minute changes.

On the day the staff were brilliant, I honestly couldn’t say enough. They accommodated the thrill seekers in the group wanting to go to the biggest jumps and a member of the group who wasn’t as comfortable in the water. The team helped and challenged each and every member of our group in a safe and controlled manner. I honestly couldn’t praise Causeway Coasteering enough.


50th Birthday Party

Maureen Cummins, the excited birthday girl 🙂

Awesome and more!! Having experienced a tame version of  coaststeering outside of NI decided that  it would be a great way to celebrate my fiftieth. The stakes however were raised in the North Coast version, it was just a bit more adventurous! So on a cold and wet September morn, we braved the sea, and Matt braved us! In winter wetsuits to keep us warm we were given a morning to remember. Even those with trepidations were soon inspired by the confidence of our instructor and we were eager to reach new heights.  The whirlpools gave a new dimension which we had not bargained for. It was just an unforgettable and fantastic experience!! Good craic,  good company and hey, what better way to celebrate half a century. Beats a glass of champagne any day and we didn’t even notice the rain:)


20 teenage boys jumping off rocks

Stephan Metcalf, Portrush Presbyterian, Church Group

Living on the beautiful North Coast, we were keen to introduce the boys to our amazing coastline and the fun you can have, but to do it safely. Taking around 20 teenage boys jumping off rocks with the possibility of exploring caves etc was a bit daunting, but Matt and the guys put us at ease and the equipment provided and advice given was first class. Some of the boys were apprehensive about what they would be asked to do. It was great to see them try something (with great encouragement from Matt and their peers) and to see the sense of achievement and enjoyment it brought. This could then be relived through the awesome photographs on Facebook. After an exciting night, the only complaint was that we ran out of light and had to go home. My advice is, give it a go, you’ll have a great time!

Stephen Medcalf

1st Portrush Boys Brigade

‘…the adrenaline rush of their lives’

Keith McCann, Youth Group Leader, the main man!

Just a short to say thanks for an amazing day coasteering with you guys. The young people had the adrenaline rush of their lives. The area you took us to was amazing and we saw parts of the coast we’ve never seen before. We really felt at all times you guys had a professional handle on the event, as a youth group we felt reassured the activity was extremely safe whilst still leaving the young people with fun and buzzing. I particularly noticed the standard of your equipment was superior to that of others we have used in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending you as a professional company packed with fun.

‘still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!’

Kerry Patterson, one of our earliest customers and now a global adventurer

Hey matt, Just wanted to say that since coming to Australia I have been skydiving, extreme white water rafting, indoor rock climbing, scuba-diving, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding & kayaking, but Coasteering with you on the north coast is still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done! so thank you ps. anyone I’ve met that wants to travel to Ireland I’ve told them if there’s one thing they have to do while there it’s go coasteering with you.


‘drop dead gorgeous’

Iain Galbraith, former Coastguard and all round super guy

Dave and Craig were excellent! Was a little weird without you leading our group for a change [Matt] but they were really good, very professional and really had a good control of the group. Really knowledgeable and nice to everyone. Mum says to tell you she thought they were very gentlemanly, understanding and always made her feel safe. She also pointed out that with “drop dead gorgeous” men like that working for you, your business will triple with rebookings from girls weak at the knees and that they also really improve the scenery!! On the topic of my mum, she wants to know when she can rebook, she was very annoyed that our time was up, think she wanted to stay there all night! She wont shut up about it!