Why I started Causeway Coasteering

Why I Started.

    My Name is Matt Wright 🙂 I’ve been immersed in the outdoors around the Causeway Coast, Portrush, Portstewart and Dunluce Castle for the last 20 or so years, playing on and exploring the beaches and rock pools before that as a child. I started seriously surfing the Causeway Coast as an lightweight teen, began taking trips to the Irish West coast a couple of years after that for some more critical waves and then as I began to earn a few extra pounds, began taking in some more international waves. France, Canaries, Indonesia etc. Surfing became a massive part of my life. This love for surfing led to a fascination with the coast. We explored it, fished off it, boated from it, swam around it, climbed around it, jumped off it and gradually our efforts evolved into an early form of coasteering...although we certainly didn’t come up with that name. I don’t think we called ‘it’ anything! We just described the place we wanted to go and we all knew what that would entail. During this process the coast and it’s wildlife enchanted me even more. Years later, using the years and years of experience I’d gained I began to take groups of friends on trips to the places we knew - without exception, they loved the experience. Some of these groups were international friends but quite a number were local too. One Canadian friend even declared that it had been the best day of her life! It was the fact that even the locals were blown away by the experience that gave me the confidence to begin thinking of the possibilities... Lastly, but almost as importantly, I just love working with groups of people. I look forward to meeting every new group, spending 2 or 3hrs with them and helping them to have the best experience possible. Even if [and this sometimes happens on wet, windy days when I’m a bit tired] I might rather not be putting on my wetsuit, meeting the new group always reinvigorates me I’m refreshed. In summation, I love coasteering, love the Causeway Coast and love my customers.

I’m Matt Wright and I’d love to take you coasteering 🙂